Juan Atkins interview

The Detroit legend on techno's foundations, how London embraced the Detroit sound and the future of music.

“These are some of the first machines that we used to make techno music,” says Detroit legend Juan Atkins as he points to the Roland TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines on display at Detroit’s Submerge Techno Museum in this sweet interview filmed just two days ago by London promoters Dollop. Atkins is the first special guest of Dollop’s Detroit Series that kicks off tonight, and he comes across as chuffed to be heading over this side of the pond. “Need I say more on the effect of the UK on the music,” he says as he points to a silver disc for 250,000+ record sales of Good Life in 1988. Atkins also discusses the pros and cons of making music and DJ-ing today, and, ever the innovator, looks to the future in this lovely short film.

Juan Akins, Simian Mobile Disco, Dave Congreave and more play Netil House in Hackney, London as part of Dollop’s Detroit Series tonight (tickets)

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