Jovontaes – Falcon

Skating through Louisville, Kentucky while blasted intricate psyche jams that spiral to the infinite heart of Forever's afternoon while drinking cold-filtered beer, another case of the internet fulfilling our dreams.

Jovontaes - Falcon from Coleman Guyon on Vimeo.

It’s odd that skating has always been far more linked with hardcore and rap than pysche, when the experience of rolling around on a skateboard through town is far closer to the drifting, burnt-out textures of radical motorik jams, like this track by Jovontaes, the infinite romance of the etrnal afternoon captured by director Colman Guyon.

Jovontaes are a band from Lexington, Kentucky, who recorded Falcon, along with the rest of their album, ‘Things Are Different Here’ in a Lexington, Kentucky, skateshop called Void. Altered Zones posted this track a few minutes ago, it’s really beautiful.

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