J Fernandez - No Luck

This video built around retro game show footage provides some visual oomph to the Chicago one-man-band's reflective cut.

The wistful vocal and swooning percussion of J Fernandez’s EP title track No Luck first got us excited back in September, and has now been given the video treatment. With its four-way split screen footage of classic American game show Pyramid, we cut rapidly between a host of contestants who, for want of a less obvious phrase, are trying their luck. Isolated from their throwaway entertainment source, some of the show’s clues – phrases like “Things that obey” and “Things you praise” – become peculiarly deep when set to Fernandez’s pensive, world-weary melody.

It’s a simple premise but one that works by being so busied: lighting a match under No Luck, which early on risks getting a little lost in its own lo-fi loveliness. These glitzy, multiplied shots provide further weight behind Fernandez’s crescendoing backline, as the track’s superb oscillating saxophones risk dizzying you beyond all recognition.

Morning Ritual released the ‘No Luck/Olympic Village’ EPs on 29th October

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