Hype Williams - Stalker 5 (Future Favela Ipanema 2069 VIP Mix)

The super elusive group release the latest in a strange series.

The first video titled stalker was uploaded to Hype Williams’ Youtube two years ago, and five more have been uploaded since then – all featuring a plaintive hook and a beat looped for a minute or so, set to a slowly moving image of one of the band members.

The last instalment featured video for the first time, but Stalker 5 (Future Favela Ipanema 2069 VIP Mix) takes things back to the roots, and has a title that suggests a sly wink at the modern remix’s desire to push a song through a trial of extended, juiced up variations rather than let things naturally ebb. This track is the same as it’s always been and Dean Blunt – this time crouching thoughtfully in a lime green Kawasaki MotoGP jacket and sporty accessories with a picture of Wayne Rooney for company – is still watching you.

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