Hudson Mohawke - Indian Steps

Daniel Sannwald directs a video inspired by Rodin's The Kiss.

No less than 24 hours after Antony confirmed her new album 'HOPELESSNESS' was produced with Hudson Mohawke, Ross Birchard has shared a new video for Indian Steps - a collaboration between the two that features on Hudson Mohawke's 'Lantern'.

Directed by Daniel Sannwald, the clip concentrates on the intimacy of an old couple, with close-ups centered on their embrace before golden strands blanket their union. In a statement to i-D, Sannwald explained that his film was partly inspired by Auguste Rodin's sculpture The Kiss. “For the video I recreate that sculpture with two elderly bodies,” he says. “It was very touching and moving to see two aging bodies in such an intimate way. I wanted to use them as a symbol of time but also to capture the beauty of such vulnerability.” “I strongly believe that every deep love has its own place and space and, therefore, lives on forever.”

Watch the video for Indian Steps above and revisit our interview with Hudson Mohawke here.

Hudson Mohawke's 'Lantern' is out now through Warp Records (buy).

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