Hudson Mohawke and Chris Brown – Your Body

Our boy Hud hits the big time with this beat for famous unpleasant man / rapper, Chris Brown.

Chris Brown X Hudson Mohawke - Real Hip Hop Shit #2 from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.

After promising fans new material a few days ago on Twitter, Chris Brown delivers this collaboration with Warp’s Hudson Mohawke. Your Body sees Breezy wax lyrical about his favourite subject matter – beautiful women – over Mohawke’s Rising 5. Taken from his debut album ‘Butter’, the beat is manic yet considered, and embodies everything that is weird and wonderful about his productions. The track overall seems to be a testing of the water for Breezy after the release of his fourth album F.A.M.E., as well as a serious commercial avenue to showcase the versatility of Hudson Mohawke’s work – he’s sure to have plenty more artists from the R&B world knocking on his door after this. It’s also (if you’ve been paying attention) a track that’s been a long time coming. Chris Brown posted a video of himself on YouTube singing along to this very beat in his car last April, and it got both their rather distinct fanbases hot under the collar. There’s no official word thus far of it being released, but it would be ideal for Breezy to drop a mixtape before his next album to abate the fans and, with a joint like this, really experiment.

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