How To Dress Well - & It Was U

A highlight from How To Dress Well's year-defining 'Total Loss' gets a glossy, stylish video clip.

Angel Haze released a song that was sponsored by Samsung, Nosaj Thing got a great video that was only made possible by the kind folks at Intel Corporation, and now How To Dress Well has received a music video for & It Was U, a highlight from his year-defining ‘Total Loss’, that comes produced by Urban Outfitters.

While it may have once been a cardinal sin to sell out, it seems that sponsorship is slowly becoming the new normal for independent musicians, and perhaps one of the only ways that they can really make any money in the internet age. What’s really important, rather than the perceived connotations of such a deal, is the quality of the work that comes out of it – and if sponsorship is going to continue to produce videos as slick and stylish as Luke Gilford’s clip for & It Was U, it can only be a good thing for up and coming artists in 2013.

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