Heatsick - Re-Engineering

New video from the PAN artist states: "Modern rubbish is still life".

Here's a pared down video for the pared down title track to British, Berlin-based producer Heatsick's album 'RE:ENGINEERING', released in November of last year through PAN. With little more than a narrator stood opposite bouquets of flowers, the clip lets the hyper-modenist poem set to distorted techno do the talking, and talk it does: shooting a sharp eye at issues of sex, race, class and the impact of technology in contemporary Europe.

Fans of this should read our interview with Heatsick from back in 2012, which very concisely summarised his music as: "an ongoing examination of the complexities of the universe, with a cheeky sideways glance".

PAN released 'RE-ENGINEERING' on November 26th 2013.

[via The FADER]

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