GEMS - Pegasus

The DC dream pop duo share a self-shot video that's equal parts sensuous and sinister.

GEMS were one of the artists featured in our recent ‘On The Map’ feature, profiling six exciting rappers, bands and producers emerging in Washington DC right now. Adam Harper introduced GEMS, describing All I Ever as “drift[ing] blissfully through a valley of mile-high guitar and clouds of cymbal”. Now they’ve put together a video for new song Pegasus, with Lindsay from the duo telling us that it was shot using just “an iPhone, some matches, and the light from the setting sun.” Shared in black and white, the pair sing through the cover of thinly draped sheets – coming off as equal parts sensuous and sinister. The track itself forms around languid, colourful guitars and blossoms through its intertwining vocals. The video’s frugality never shows, and really captures the bustling air of motion and energy in the track’s final third.

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