FKA twigs - Papi Pacify

The Young Turks star-in-the-making continues to make transfixing videos look like a doddle.

FKA twigs' Water Mesong and video combined - built up a momentum that was going to take some beating in the transfixion stakes. But against those odds, this new clip for 'EP2' track Papi Pacify has certainly kept up our attention. 

After Tumblr-fying the Water Me video, the start here is similarly GIF-ified, to pretty startling effect, with (the artist formerly known as) Twigs seen in the throes of an impassioned, potentially suffocating embrace. Arca is again on hand with puffier, pounding backing, as those pleads for clarification and a purification of the passion get whispered out. 

Young Turks will release 'EP2' on the 17th September 2013. 


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