Fiction - Museum

Inventive London band Fiction show us round their museum of oddities in the first video from their debut album.

It probably won’t take you long to work out that London group Fiction have a bit of a penchant for eighties guitar pop. But there’s little gratingly retrograde going on in their sound: their blend of sharp melody, twinkling, essentials-only guitar work and free-for-all rhythms breathe new life into influences that could rapidly stagnate in lesser hands.

Fiction have been on Dummy’s radar for a while now; we first spoke to the band way back in 2009. After a couple of solid single releases over the years, Moshi Moshi will release their long overdue debut ‘The Big Other’ in March.

As flagged up by our choices of Jam City and Azealia Banks on our end-of-year videos list, 2012 seems to have been a year with a bit of an obsession for stripped-back – bordering on kitsch – computer graphics. Musuem carries on in this vein, gently guiding us round a sparse museum space, which may send you back to playing one of those early-noughties adventure PC games. The track itself is a whirl of tumbling beats and sugary vocals, with echoes of Afrobeat, and gives us high hopes for the upcoming Ash Workman and James Ford-produced LP.

Moshi Moshi will release Fiction’s debut album ‘The Big Other’ on 4th March 2013.

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