Factory Floor - Fall Back

Factory Floor's awesome new single gets a questionable video.

Let’s say it straight up: the new Factory Floor single is incredible and it’s one of the reasons 2013 already seems so good. There’s little else to add to this, especially given that we covered it recently, but the track has now received a video and it’s…well, it’s not quite as good as the track. A beautiful, Urban Outfitters-esque female model poses in front of the camera for eight minutes whilst the shapes of the single’s artwork fly back and forth across the screen – given that Factory Floor destroy any notion of gendered music, this feels pretty naff. Considering that the video for Two Different Ways was so awesome (meant in the sense that it inspires awe), it’s a bit of a shame to see this – it’s more tasteful than the still shots of Instagram-filtered models that get plastered onto many Youtube uploads, but only marginally.

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