Dirg Gerner - Vicious Cycle

Eglo's latest recruit takes us on a wander round some of NYC's less obvious sights on his new video.

You may already know a bit about Dirg Gerner without even realising you do. Lets just say he's seem very, very well aquainted with German-born producer fLako, whose soft-to-the-touch 'Eclosure' EP we shared last Autumn. Joining Eglo Records this year, Gerner's self-titled EP dropped last month, and from it here's Vicious Cycle. The video follows behind Gerner as he wanders through New York, fast-cutting between subway buskers, Chinatown's crimson streets and the timelessness of Coney Island. While uncomplicated, it's a neat match to Vicious Cycle's breezy romance - capturing the joy of wandering and exploring a city purely for intrigue's sake. If you're yet to do so, follow the link to hear Gerner's EP in full. 

Eglo released the 'Dirg Gerner' EP on the 8th July 2013. 

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