Digits - Love Is Only Affection

An alien falls to Earth and witnesses scenes of human sexual contact in the new video for the Canadian synth pop maestro.

Despite having released a couple of really rather excellent free mixtapes and EPs already this year, Digits doesn’t seem content to rest on his laurels, with the Berlin/Toronto musician having recently premiered the video for his new track Love Is Only Affection over at The Fader. Love Is Only Affection is one of his clearest pieces of work yet, retaining the minimalist synths that define his brilliant mixtape ‘Death & Desire’, but trading the slow R&B for a killer 4/4 groove. The (potentially not safe for work) video tells the story of an alien falling to Earth and witnessing scenes of human sexuality – it’s a sci-fi narrative, but one that’s less Star Wars and more The Man Who Fell To Earth.

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