Watch a short documentary about subculture documentary maker Dick Jewell

The filmmaker who captured ephemeral subcultures as they happened is the subject of a new short documentary.

Filmmaker Dick Jewell is the subject of a new short documentary on Dazed Digital. Besides shooting music videos for the likes of Massive Attack and Neneh Cherry, Jewell has been behind over 50 documentaries in his life, with a particular interest in capturing ephemeral subcultures. Over the years his documentaries have covered groups ranging from skinheads to early drum 'n' bass and rave to Kinky Gerlinky, capturing the movements as they're happening, along with their defining characteristics - such as their dances, or their fashion. While the documentary, titled Moving Pictures, doesn't give much more than an overview of Jewell's work (it's only seven minutes), it's a good a starting point for his world and his ethos as you're likely to find.

The film was made as part of Doc X, a new series on Dazed Digital as part of their Dazed Visionaries series, which sees them post an original short documentary once a week.

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