Cooking DJs with Seth Troxler: Jackmaster

We hung out with Seth Troxler at Smokey Tails and everything got a bit Twilight Zone.

We spent some time with DJ, producer, and food fanatic Seth Troxler as he prepared to launch his BBQ spot Smokey Tails in its new permanant home at Hoxton Sq Bar & Kitchen.  

Staying close to the subject matter at hand – food (and lots of it) – Shan McGinley asked Seth Troxler what he would cook if some of his DJ friends came over for dinner...but instead he wanted to tell us how he'd cook THEM.

First up on Seth's cannibalistic menu is Jackmaster.

As for Smokey Tails and non-human food stuffs, we recommend the chicken wings and mac'n'cheese. A big thanks to Seth and his team for the hospitality. 

Seth’s restaurant, Smokey Tails is now located at Hoxton Sq Bar and Kitchen (info). Watch more videos like this on our YouTube playlist - updated daily.

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