Call Super - Threshing Floor

Call Super's new cut for Fabric sister label Houndstooth has a video that is often nauseating.

Call Super is an alias of Berlin resident JR Seaton, who has put out plenty of great music under his own name in the past few years. Arriving on recently unveiled Fabric sister label Houndstooth, Call Super’s Threshing Floor is an escalating techno track, a solid blast of sound that seems to keep building as it runs its course, never hitting any one point but consisting of multiple peaks and troughs. But it’s also about the sounds that you can’t hear – the phantom melodies that enter in the last few moments of the track, fleeting as they may be, are spine-tingling.

The track’s found footage video shows a vertigo-inducing climb up a tower, interrupted by sideways flashes to unrelated moments. It’s nauseating at times and nonsensical at others – although the brief shots of static that pop up through do vaguely resemble a houndstooth design, if you are looking for a hidden meaning.

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