Brenmar has a fun shave

Watch Brenmar's first official video, Taking It Down, taken from his debut EP 'At It Again', shot in his local barbershop.

Directed by Pam Tietze, Taking It Down was filmed at Brenmar’s barbershop, Quickcuts, on Broadway in Brooklyn. The video shows a haircut in his local salon, which ultimately turns into an ecstatic indoor rave. Brenmar explained, “My barbershop already had the feel of a nightclub with the lights and mirrors and all, it was a pretty natural choice. It was [director] Pam’s idea to shoot there, ended up working out perfectly. I brought a little smoke and drink and we turned it out, spent all night there.”

Brenmar will embark on his first official European your next Tuesday (24th May); on Sunday he will make an appearance at the GetMe! party at The Shacklewell Arms in London, on which the same bill are Lorn and Jet Letts.

Discobelle released Brenmar’s ‘At It Again’ EP on the 7th Decemeber, 2010

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