Bok Bok - Melba’s Call (feat. Kelela)

Skype with Kelela from Bok Bok's hyperreal studio in the Night Slugger's new video.

Last week, Bok Bok dropped Melba's Call, his new collaboration with R&B singer Kelela. Basically taking the technically vintage but still futuristic sounding pop production of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and filtering it through '00s grime structures, Melba's Call is a total jam, and leads a new EP from the Night Slugs boss (his first since 'Southside', released in 2011 - which doesn't sound three years old by any means, considering you can still hear DJs dropping Silo Pass even now) which is due in May.

The video to Melba's Call takes place in a hyperreal CGI rendering of Bok Bok's studio, featuring Kelela herself on the big screen. It seems to hark back to a past that was still looking to the future: in this case, the video recalls the CGI that made up many a classic R&B music video during the 1990s. Nevertheless, it still retains a high definition sheen that places it totally in 2014 and an aesthetic direction that nobody does better than Night Slugs. The art direction comes from Bok Bok himself, while the video's core production comes from Nic Hamilton.

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