Boiler Room & Ballantine’s Stay True South Africa: Kid Fonque b2b Jullian Gomes

Kid Fonque and Jullian Gomes stay true to the territory's undying love for all things house.

A year after Ballantine’s and Boiler Room made the trip to Johannesburg, the Stay True Journey series event touched down in Cape Town for a special night in the Langa township. Combining internationally known DJs with South Africa’s homegrown heroes, the line-up stayed true to the territory's undying love for all things house.

The co-founders of Stay True Sounds, Kid Fonque and Jullian Gomes, were just one of the jewels in the party's South African crown. Coming on strong with a bubbling back-to-back set lavished with swathes of deep-reaching pads, tribal percussion, local vocals and sublime synths, the pair didn’t cut any corners when it came to giving the Langa crowd a good time.

Finishing up with an edit of Kid Fonque’s track with Okmalumkoolkat, Usangikhumbula, the pair recieved a rapturous outro before passing controls to New York deep house don, Fred P. You can watch all of their set below, courtesy of Boiler Room and Ballantine's.

Wanna hear more of Kid Fonque and Jullian Gomes? Check them out gearing up for summer with recent Stay True Sounds release, Bossa Over?, and can somebody book these guys in London ASAP...please?

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