ASAP Rocky – Purple Swag

Stretches the weekend out like a patient etherised on a track from Clams Casino-collaborator, Harlem rapper and Houston dreamer ASAP Rocky.

This cinematic, coiled song is easier and sadder than spending money and combines three of the best rap things ever – psychedelic/melancholic screwed beats from Houston and visceral realist New York rap – with gold lower grills and synesthesia, two of the best non-rap things. What else is great about this? The video, directed by Jason Ano is cool. It’s about flirting and riding bikes and taking drugs and being bummed out on a couch on a weekend. Four things that, much like rap, will never, ever, ever get old.

ASAP Rocky (failure-is-not-an-option name, eh?) is a shamelessly uptown-New York rapper fond of screwed rap and the stoned life thereof who previously toasted on Clams Casino’s Wassup, and if he’s not interstellar by end of the summer, we’re eating our shoes.

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