Active Child and How To Dress Well - Playing House

The tongue is firmly in the cheek in this new sentimental video from the falsetto collaborators.

Playing House Feat. How To Dress Well [Official Video] from Active Child on Vimeo.

With hands pressed flat against panes of glass, strained expressions melting into one another and the movement of bodies reflecting in the dewy surfaces of eyeballs, there is something just a little too right about this video for the collaboration between Active Child and How To Dress Well, Playing House .

As evidenced by the fact that a combined search for these artists’ names would turn up a pile of websites about fashion advice and ADHD, this pair aren’t commonly one to play to their expected image, or to be so blatant and unmasked. This latest video, though, strips them of the enigmatic sheen of their cryptic artwork and PR, and leaves them exposed and looking, well, fairly ridiculous as they sing – or even, as they belt – away.

Even words like “croon” seems appropriate here – the setting, full of smoke and mirrors, damp eye sockets and Mariah Carey-ish facial expressions, is made for crooning. A nice balance between touching and hilarious, this is worth a look, and perfectly echoes the light sadness of the exquisite track.

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