A Dummy film about Jon Savage’s photography

A short interview with the wonderful music writer Jon Savage about his photos of the then-devastated patch of west London where punk came from.

Filming and editing: Mikael Gregorsky

Interview and text: Charlie Robin Jones

Jon Savage, author of England’s Dreaming, the definitive history of punk rock and the Sex Pistols, lived in west London during the late 70s. Cutting his teeth as a music journalist and treading the same streets that gave birth to punk in the UK, he shot the then-wasteland around the W10 postcode.

Depicting a ready-for-demolition Victorian terraces and passively malevolent tower blocks, from these deserted streets rose one of the most vital music cultures the capital has ever seen. Last month, the counter-culture gallery at Maggs booksellers in Mayfair hosted an exhibition of these photos, and we filmed Jon Savage explaining his pictures and ideas on a hot day last month.

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