7 Days of Funk (Snoopzilla & DâM-FunK) - Faden Away

The 80s-loving first video for the duo's funky new project is a lot of fun.

Snoop Dogg and DâM-FunK recently announced their joint project 7 Days of Funk, with their debut album of the same name set to drop this December. Seeing Snoop shed his Lion alias in favour of the fresh, Jehri-curl sporting "Snoopzilla" guise, the first single Faden Away is an irrepressible jam of grinding synth-funk and playful crooning from Snoop, matched in the video with cloudy vintage camera-work and a whole lot of gold. 

Stones Throw Records will release '7 Days of Funk' on the 10th December 2013.

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