GetMe! flyers and T-shirts are hot-hot-hot

Gallery of the finest nights and merch from London-based promoters.

London firm GetMe! describe themselves as ‘the coming together of creative minds in order to showcase what they love.’ And, well, what they love is pretty cool. They’re a collective whose back-catalogue of events spans the likes of Deadboy, Oneman, Girl Unit, Jessie Ware, Two Inch Punch, Toddla T, and they recently branched out in releasing records, with 12“s from Becoming Real, Dam Mantle and Graphics. Also, the GetMe! branded t-shirt range has had some talented, big illustrators provide the artwork; Daniel David Freeman, Ferry Gouw, Rob Mathieson.

Get Me are returning to Corsica Studios, South London tomorrow night (Saturday 19th May) with Nguzunguzu, Evian Christ, Alexander Nut and more. Tickets available here.

Here are a few of the best Get Me pieces below because, frankly, they deserve a bit of showing off.

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