Blondes at MoMA

Stephanie Kimberly shoots art house Blondes at the Museum of Modern Art.

The expansive, sterile atrium of the New York City’s MoMA served as a striking backdrop for Blondes’s album launch this past weekend. An open bar and booming surround sound set-up were also on hand as the crowd were first treated to a DJ set from Juan Maclean. His selection of slow techno and sleazy deep house (there were at least three Levon Vincent tunes in there) got the front of the crowd dancing, while others went up into selection of galleries that the MoMA left open during this show. When Blondes finally took to the stage, the crowd cheered as the duo launched into their new live set.

Shimmering, emotive synths filled the space while the soundsystem expertly handled the slow rolling bass and beats that seeped into every corner of the space. After a quick hour, the smiling crowd filtered back out onto the streets of midtown Manhattan, primed to begin their nights after witnessing something powerfully special.

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