WU LYF band members start a NU LYF

After losing frontman Ellery Roberts last year, the rest of the Manchester band have formed a new outfit and are moving on.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

The drummer, guitarist and bassist of brilliant Manchester band WU LYF have formed a new band called Los Porcos, following the dramatic exit of their singer Ellery Roberts from the group late last year.

Roberts threw the future of the band into question and stunned everyone – including, it transpires, his bandmates – when he posted a farewell statement to the band’s Youtube account in November last year. The group had only released one album, 2011’s ‘Go Tell Fire To The Mountain’.

Drummer Joe Manning told NME that the band all knew “it wasn’t working”, but none of them foresaw WU LYF’s dramatic end. “None of us knew that [Roberts’ statement] was going to happen before we read it on the internet… There’s nothing cryptic in that message for me; it’s personal, and I don’t know why he had to do it like that.”

You can stream Los Porcos’s new single below, and catch them live at Salon in London tonight.