Watch: Young Thug - “Wyclef Jean”, The Hilarious $100k Video He Never Showed Up For

A postmodern masterpiece that reflects Thugger in a nutshell.

The official video for Young Thug's 'Wyclef Jean' is here - and it's a postmodern masterpiece. Despite the video's big budget as the first single from 'Jeffery', Young Thug doesn't actually show up for the video shoot. That hasn't deterred co-director Ryan Staake though, whose annotations explain the story behind Thugger's no-show and the video's extravagant $100,000 budget.

Considering the lack of the main man himself, the video was approved by Thugger's label, 300 - and it actually reflects Young Thug in a nutshell. Highlights include a sing-along guide for kids for the song's most crass lyrics, a self-shot 10 second of him eating Cheetos next to a private jet, children smashing police cars in front of the police, a lewd Requiem For A Dream reference and a squadron of girls driving around in "kiddy-sized" cars. Ending caption, "None of this matters // You're still watching the video." reflects the same braggadocious ethos as Thug's own bars and life. Watch below.

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