Watch a team of precision drivers make music using a giant laser harp conducts a fleet of Lexus NX drivers to create music on a giant musical stave.


Words by: Natalie /

Lexus have unveiled an innovative new audio-visual display, taking place on a gigantic musical stave.

Fronted by noted tech evangelist, the display sees the Black Eyed Peas frontman and The Voice guru recreating his track #thatPOWER by firing cars at lasers. Yes, you read that correctly.

Playing out on a disused runway lined with over 10,000 motion sensitive audio lasers,'s challenge was to 'conduct' the track by hitting these audio lasers at the correct speed and rhythm using a fleet of Lexus NX cars, turning miles per hour into beats per minute. Described by Barnaby Steel, creative director of Marshmallow Laser Feast who helped put the project together, as "a huge musical game with three stunt drivers as the players and as the conductor. Music is created when the cars trigger notes and samples by hitting motion-sensitive beams of light. "It’s basically like a giant laser harp with cars instead of fingers".

A team of 65 technicians worked to put the piece together, with the results shot in one night last week. The challenge was to play it at the right tempo – if the drivers fell off the beat, the system would restart.

Check out the full video on YouTube.


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