Premiere: Watch Drones Club ‘Hurricane’

The new Drones Club video is ambitious, political and pretty funny, just like the band itself

Drones Club

Inspired by the likes of The KLF, Adam Curtis, Devo and ZTT, Drones Club are a politically charged outfit with something to say: "Sometimes we wake up and outside our door there's a gathering storm - a growing chaos we cannot control. There is and will only ever be one option: to throw ourselves into the clouds. In this moment of acceptance and courage we are at our most free. However fucked our world may appear it's the only one we have."

Their new single 'Hurricane', taken from forthcoming EP 'White Crocodile' is apparently about "the liberation that comes when the world feels like it's falling apart around you" and so the video, of course, involves them dressing up like they're part of the Chernobyl clean up crew while driving around London in an old Range Rover and dancing in formation on a grassy knoll overlooking London's major financial institutions. It basically looks well cool and also like a great day out. 


Drones Club 'White Crococdile' EP out soon on PMR


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