Premiere: The Newcomer - ‘Conasthesis’

Watch the vivid, existential visuals for The Newcomer's debut release on Kaleidoscope Records.

Mysterious artist The Newcomer has dropped the enticing visuals for 'Conasthesis'. Meaning "The general perception of one's own body", the vivid and existential visuals accompany a jittering yet gorgeous soundtrack from the Kaleidoscope artist, and the combination is a sensory treat. The Berlin-based artist's scuffed electronics encapsulate Aphex Twin’s most delicate moments along with bass-layered distortion of Andy Stott and the crisp melodic figures of Steve Reich in an attempt to, in his words, paint  “a powerful vision of a world; the reflection of its makers... a feeling of true belonging”
The Newcomer's EP ‘Mirelet Unsette Moiyana’ /// Out now on Kaleidoscope across all digital & streaming platforms.

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