King Krule and Mistr Gone have an art exhibition coming up in London next month

Archy and Jack Marshall - aka King Krule and Mistr Gone - will exhibit 'Inner City Ooz' at the Display Gallery throughout September.


Archy Marshall, aka King Krule, and his brother Jack Marshall, aka Mistr Gone, are putting on an exhibition of music, visual art, and performances at London's Display Gallery next month.

Incorporating poetry, music, painting, illustration, silk-screen, and linocut, Inner City Ooz will address universal themes of memory, time, and the role of the artist in a constantly-developing city. There will be collaborative pieces, bringing together Archy Marshall's poetry and Jack Marshall's painting, a soundscape described in a press release as "a study of low-frequencies" that will "engulf the space and 'vibrate the viewer'", large-scale abstract works, and a "more controlled, structured space" that will house figurative work like drawings, illustrations, and photographs.

The Marshall brothers are creating an immersive sound piece for the opening of the exhibiton, consisting of three compositions – an ambient piece running on loop throughout the night, interactive sound installations, and a percussionist improvisation session – that will carry buttons and triggers that let the public interact, alter, and distort the exhibition.

Inner City Ooz runs at Display Gallery, London from September 1st to September 27th 2014 (more information).

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