Kelela is releasing an expanded edition of ‘Cut 4 Me’

Featuring new remixes from the Fade to Mind/Night Slugs crew, this will be the first time that Kelela's game-changing debut mixtape has been given a vinyl or CD release.


Kelela is releasing her game-changing debut mixtape 'Cut 4 Me' on vinyl and CD for the first time.

It deserves it: 'Cut 4 Me' was originally released as a free download in 2013, but its impact on new music has been vast – it's probably one of the most influential records to have been released in the past few years.

The new edition of 'Cut 4 Me' will also feature remixes by members of the Fade to Mind and Night Slugs crew, many of whom will be reworking tracks that they produced in the first place.

"One of the best things about being part of this crew is that the producers have continued to explore and re-imagine 'Cut 4 Me'," Kelela says in a press release, "In the last year and a half the edits and remixes they've sent through have continually brought new life to the material, so much that I've often incorporated these versions into my live sets… I'm beyond happy that there's finally a tangible, touchable way to own the songs, remixes, and the beautiful artwork."

She goes on to talk about future plans – she's currently finishing up a new EP and her debut album, which will feature many of the producers from 'Cut 4 Me'. "It's beautiful to have this opportunity to dip back into the rich pool that is the mixtape and to hear where a lot of those relationships started." N'awww.

You can stream Kingdom's remix of Enemy now. Kelela's debut album is one of our most anticipated releases of 2015.

Kelela 'Cut 4 Me (Deluxe Edition)' CD1 tracklist:

01. Guns & Synths
02. Enemy
03. Floor Show
04. Do It Again
05. Go All Night (Let Me Roll)
06. Bank Head (Extended)
07. Cut 4 Me
08. Keep It Cool
09. Send Me Out
10. Go All Night (Let It Burn)
11. Something Else
12. A Lie
13. Cherry Coffee

Kelela 'Cut 4 Me (Deluxe Edition)' CD2 tracklist:

01. Interlude
02. Keep It Cool (Jam City Remix)
03. Enemy (Kingdom's Destruction Before Paradise Mix)
04. Send Me Out (Girl Unit Remix)
05. Send Me Out (Nguzunguzu Remix)
06. Keep It Cool (Rizzla Remix)
07. Cherry Coffee (MikeQ Almighty Remix)
08. Go All Night (Neana Remix)
09. Go All Night (Massacooramaan Remix)

Fade to Mind release 'Cut 4 Me (Deluxe Edition)' on April 7th 2015 (pre-order).