Kelela announces ‘Hallucinogen’ EP, shares Arca-produced A Message

The six song 'Hallucinogen' EP acts as a bridge between debut mixtape 'Cut 4 Me' and Kelela's first official album, due in Autumn.


Kelela is releasing a new EP, 'Hallucinogen', on May 5th. Before that, she's streaming a new song, A Message, produced by Arca.

Written over the course of two years, the six songs that comprise the 'Hallucinogen' EP cover the different stages of a relationship: tumultuous times to domestic bliss. It acts as a bridge between Kelela's debut mixtape, 'Cut 4 Me', and her debut album, due in Autumn.

In a press release, the R&B singer explains how she met Arca on a boat in August 2012. "We sought one another out across a dance floor and within five minutes agreed to meet each other as soon as possible to collaborate," she says, "I had one song released to my name and had just heard one of his mixes, but we knew we’d found something in one another. We spent the next three days, 14 hours a day talking about our artistic visions and how it intersected with our personal lives, making songs that reflected that while dancing around the room to let it all out. About five or six demos were born out of these three days."

"A Message is one of the demos that came from those sessions and it speaks to the despair that I was experiencing at the time," she continues, "The initial version of the song spilled out of us in about 25 minutes. Since then, it’s been like a sculpture that I’ve come to and refined over time, adding a lyric here, refining a melody there, adding a bridge, etc. It’s a process that is now finally complete with its release and I'm so happy that I finally get to share it with all of you."

Watch its video above. Kelela recently announced a deluxe reissue of 'Cut 4 Me', and will be touring Europe throughout May.

Kelela 'Hallucinogen' EP tracklist:

01. A Message
02. Gomenasai
03. Swoop
04. All The Way Down
05. Hallucinogen
06. The High

Kelela live dates:

May 14th: Great Escape, Brighton
May 15th: Nuits Sonores, Lyon
May 16th: Spring Attitude, Rome
May 18th: Kuudes Linja, Helsinki
May 19th: Meet Factory, Prague
May 20th: Kino Šiška, Ljubljana
May 22nd: Point FMR, Paris
May 24th: Love Saves The Day, Bristol
May 26th: XOYO, London
May 28th: Primavera Vice Stage, Barcelona
May 30th: Forbidden Fruit, Dublin
May 31st: Berlin Festival at Glashaus, Berlin

Kelela release the 'Hallucinogen' EP on May 5th 2015.