Jamie xx hints that a new EP is on the way

Jamie xx talks his new EP, African influences, working with pop artists and putting on festivals in a new interview with FACT.

Fans of xx producer and solo artist Jamie xx will be happy to know that he’s working on a new EP. In a new interview, Jamie Smith suggests that he has a new solo release on the way and that it might feature contributions from other pop artists: “In terms of my own production work I’m working with a few pop artists at the moment that I can’t name as of yet, and I’m thinking that it’ll form an EP, but I cant really call it until it’s nearly finished for me.” It’ll be his first release outside of The xx since 2011’s equally loved and loathed Far Nearer.

The interview also covers his newfound love of African music (“ I’ve been enjoying the melodies and how different the song structuring process is”), the lack of soul in chart music and curating the Night + Day festival with the other members of The xx. All in all, an interesting read: check it out over at FACT.

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