James Blake played a track by his dad on Radio 1 last night

He also hinted at a future live film release, and had us scratching our heads as to who 'Nat King Scrondle' might by.


James Blake's Radio 1 Residency has been good craic so far: he managed to convince a good portion of the internet he was going to interview Burial live on air, had Trim along in the studio, and shared a few more madcap Harmonimixes

Much of last night's show was more chill than some of the previous two-hour sessions, starting with Bill Withers, through the Fine Young Cannibals and a couple of Prince tunes. He also played a track called Bell by "someone tentatively called Nat King Scrondle". Hmmm. Later there was a live recording of Life Round Here, which Blake hinted will feature on a forthcoming filmed live recording. 

There was also a track by his dad, James Litherland, called Small Hours – a cheery folk ditty first released in 2006. Litherland has had a long career as a singer and guitarist in his own right, releasing two solo albums and three albums with prog-jazz pioneers Colosseum. Whether we'll be seeing any future Litherland releases dropping on 1-800 Dinosaur remains to be seen. Listen back to the whole show on Radio 1.  

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