Boxed release ‘Boxed Vol. 2’; download it now


Words by: Anthony Walker

Boxed is a name you may have heard mentioned in recent conversations about grime music, a monthly London-based instrumental night set up by producers Mr. Mitch, Logos, Slackk and the label Oil Gang that has served as a sort of hub for many more producers and DJs in the recent rise of producers either trying their hand or re-sharpening their tools in the genre.  

Mr. Mitch has made a Boxed-specific mix for us and we've hosted one by Logos too, though their most definitive statement to date (bar the nights themselves of course, which runs on the first friday of every month at Birthdays in Dalston) has been the self-titled 'Boxed Vol. 1' from earlier in the year. A second volume has just been released today and gives another look at the current state of play with cuts from the aforementioned Mr. Mitch and Slackk, Slew Dem olders Spooky and JT The Goon, an Amerie R&B chop-up by Lolingo, and many more. 

It comes just as Boxed have revealed details of their events in the summer months, listed here. Stream 'Boxed Vol. 2 below and download it free over here.

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