Drake dropped three new songs on OVO Sound Radio this weekend

Including a Meek Mill diss called Charged Up.


Drake dropped three new tracks on his OVO Sound Radio show on Beats 1 over the weekend, including a song that seems to be taking a pop at Meek Mill.

To recap: there was some hoo-ha last week after Meek Mill accused Drake of using a ghostwriter called Quentin Miller to write his raps, including his verse on Meek Mill's own R.I.C.O. 

Drake didn't really respond – which is fair, because ghostwriting isn't really a rare thing at all – until dropping Charged Up on the radio, which includes lines like Done doing favors for people / 'Cause it ain't like I need the money I get off of features and No woman ever had me starstruck / Or was ever able to tell me to get my bars up and Cops are killin people with their arms up/ And your main focus is trying to harm us?

The other songs have been given the names Hotline Bling and Right Hand and are streaming in ripped form right now.

[via Noisey]