Converse Rubber Tracks returns to London next month

Win a chance to record original music on a boat in Tower Hamlets next month by registering now.


Words by: Natalie /

Following on from succesful residencies in Haringey and Ealing earlier this year, Converse Rubber Tracks returns to the London borough of Tower Hamlets next month; offering free recording time to selected local musicians at Lightship 95 – a unique studio on the River Thames at Trinity Buoy Wharf – from November 14th – 27th.

A panel of judges featuring NTS Radio founder Femi Adeyemi, Frank McWeeny from The Young Guns Network and Dummy's very own Paul Benney will be selecting talent to take part in this unique opportunity; giving the lucky bunch given a chance to record original music with a team of skilled studio professionals as part of the Converse Rubber Tracks London programme.

To register for a chance to be chosen for studio time at Converse Rubber Tracks click here.

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