Cloud Boat announce second album, ‘Model of You’

The mournful post-rock duo will release their new album through Apollo/R&S in July.


Following hot on the release of lead single Carmine, mournful duo Cloud Boat have announced 'Model of You', their second full-length album and follow-up to last year's 'Book of Hours'.

A press release promisies 'Model of You' to be a "richer, heavier, more adventurous" record than its predecessor, while maintaining the balancing act of sophisticated post-rock songwriting and electronic production that they always have. Said press release also insists that this'll be a slightly less, well, solemn album than their last. "It's bolder, bigger and more ambitious," says the band's Sam Ricketts, "If our first album was dark and a little weird, then this feels more optimistic and expansive."

Seeing in the album announcement is a new video for Carmine, embedded above.

For a quick refresher on Cloud Boat, read our interview with them from last year, along with our Album of the Week review.


01. Prelude
02. Hideaway
03. Carmine
04. Portraits Of Eyes
05. Bricks Are For
06. The Glow
07. Golden Lights
08. Aurelia
09. Thoughts In Mine
10. Told You
11. All Of My Years
12. Hallow

Apollo/R&S release 'Model of You' on July 7th 2014 .

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