Cascine line up reissue of House of 909’s ‘The Children We Were’

A smooth, nostalgic take on deep house originally released in 1997 gets a reissue from the wide-eyed electronica label.


A lot of Cascine's releases have been evocative, windswept, soft-focus electronic productions: releases by Wildarms, RxGibbs, and Marazul all share a certain wide-eyed appearance and sincere intent.

The label, then, are a good fit for the music of House of 909. They'll be reissuing House of 909's 'The Children We Were' a smooth, nostalgic deep house record first put out in 1997.

House of 909 consisted of producers Nigel Casey, Trevor Loveys, and Affie Yussuf (Loveys and Yussuf are both still very active today), and vocalists Azeem and Bobby Depasois. 'The Children We Were' never really found a large audience when it came out in '97 – given Aphex Twin also released the brain-frying Come To Daddy that year, you can perhaps understand why the overt tastefulness of House of 909 put off some critics – but it did develop a small fanbase and a cult following.

The folks at Cascine were some of the people who developed a minor obsession with the record and held it close to their heart, and they're happy to present the new reissue, featuring remastered audio and new artwork. It's fair to say that the album might connect with audiences in 2015, an era of new sincerity, better than it did in '97.

Take a listen to the song Playing Fields below.

Cascine release 'The Children We Were' on August 7th 2015 (buy).