Watch: Yizzy - Do You Wanna

In his new track and visual, the budding grime MC shows a more sensitive side.


It is increasingly becoming common knowledge that Yizzy is a problem in this game. The Lewisham MC is only 17 years old but has shown amazing dexterity in his short career, showcasing his knack for laying down lyrical shellers on tracks like 'Steppin' and pushing conceptual gems such as 'Mr. Kray.' Let's not forget his energetic live performances as well. He can seemingly do it all, a statement that has been backed up by his latest offering, 'Do You Wanna,' his second release on his Livin' Legendz label.

In his new visual, Yizzy attempts to settle down with the girl of his dreams, doing away with the mindgames that are frequent amongst lovers, perfectly capturing the song’s playful, endearing and youthful tale. A mature statement to make at his age, which continues to make him stand out from the pack.

Watch 'Do You Wanna' below.


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