Watch: Reece West - When Will I Learn

Grime's newest general drops a frantic visual from his forthcoming EP, '3D.'

Reece West

Reece West might be your new favourite grime artist. Listening to the north London rapper, the resemblance to grime legend D Double E is almost uncanny, with his vocal style and delivery evoking memories of your favourite grime MC's favourite grime MC shelling down tracks and sets. However, with piercing wordplay and metaphors, West is relentless and novel in his approach, as he shows in his new visual, 'When Will I Learn,' taken from his upcoming EP, 3D.

A grimy (pun definitely intended) banger from start to finish, West is introspective and self-analysing, and he gets across his message of personal evaluation while bringing ferocious bars into the mix. It is a dimension we have yet to see from him, and which he promises will be more of in 3D.

Watch 'When Will I Learn' below.


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