Watch: Poppy Ajudha ft. Kojey Radical - Spilling Into You

A beautiful visual from an expressive young artist.

Poppy Ajudha

South East London singer-songwriter Poppy Ajudha has lived her life steeped in music, having grown up in her father's nightclub, taking in all the funk, soul and disco-infused sounds that would influence her own artistry. Though not easily discernible, you hear a lot of jazz influences in her own sound, as it serves as the middle ground for the burgeoning sounds that surround her - grime, drum and bass, jungle and garage, to name a few. Fully coming into her own, she has shared her latest visual for the track 'Spilling Into You,' featuring the enigmatic Kojey Radical.

Directed by Ali Kurr, the video chooses to centre around the female creatives that have inspired Poppy, recruiting the likes of gal-dem editor in chief, Liv Little, jewellery designer Suhaiyla Shakuwra, writer and model Helene Kleih and Fortie Label founder Essie Buckman. The result puts forward a representation of women in colour in alliance with each other in a world where the female body continues to be objectified, essentially hoping to break these societal constructs.

Watch 'Spilling Into You' below.


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