Watch: Ebony Frainteso - Losing Out

A beautiful visual celebrating women of colour.

Ebony Frainteso

At the tender age of 19, Ebony Frainteso has already formulated a unique and gripping style and aura around her. The Essex-born singer-songwriter has taken her varying home enviornment to create a sound that crosses paths with R&B, neo-soul and contemporary pop, but with soulful vocals and messages that add gravity to her ethos.

In her new visual, 'Losing Out', curated by creative consultancy Bossy LDN, Ebony highlights the beauty of divine femininity as well as the strength and power of women, which is encapsulated by a carefully crafted cast, including photographer/director Misha Meghna, writer Simi Sear and models Pippa Melody and Jasmine May.

Through still imagery, bright colours and a track that combines piano melodies, subtle electronics and Ebony's lovely voice, she has produced a musical experience that won't be forgotten soon.


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