Video Premiere: Subculture Sage - Health and Safety

If you're into old school, alternative West Coast hip-hop vibes, look no further than U.K. duo Subculture Sage.

Subculture Sage

Subculture Sage are the U.K. hip-hop duo with a penchant for punk. Consisting of producer Subculture Sounds and lyricist Hypeman Sage, the childhood friends grew up spending all the money they had on albums from the likes of the legendary Mos Def and many more. Very much in the roots of the hip-hop lane, Subcultutre's beats are similar to the laid back vibes of West Coast pioneers such as The Pharcyde and Souls of Mischief.

The duo have just released their new EP, 'T A K E 3’,  and we are premiering the video for one of its lead tracks, ‘Health & Safety’. The track is a damning criticism of society and the gap between rich and poor and the static, CCTV-type quality of the visual adds to the coldness and harsh realities that the duo speak to in their lyrics, especially: "Who are they to try and tell me my health and safety? / All they're trying to do is get the whole grid on lock / look after the rich and leave the rest of us the slops."

Watch 'Health and Safety' exclusively below:


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