Video Premiere: Renart - Terreur sur la Ville

The Frenchman combines spooky themes with futuristic production in his new visual.

Frédéric Destres is a young professor in the department of Occult Sciences of La Sorbonne in Paris and, under his Renart guise, he produces bodies of work inspired by a series of eerie tales. His world is divided between medieval tales and futuristic machinery and on his debut album, Fragments Séquencé (out on October 24 on Cracki Records) he invites us to dive into a synthetic journey interwoven with folklore.

Written and produced by the man himself, the album blends medieval tales with futuristic production. Renart weaves melodic and melancholic atmospheres throughout with influences nodding to 1970s psychedelic rock and modern techno.

Check out his new visual, 'Terreur sur la Ville,' from the new album, below.


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