Video Premiere: Ian Chang - Romeo

From the Hong Kong-born artist's debut EP, 'Spiritual Leader', out on September 22.

Ian Chang

Bringing electronic music to the physical realm, genre-bending drummer Ian Chang is set to release his debut EP 'Spiritual Leader' this September. An acclaimed drumming virtuoso known for his work in Son Lux and Landlady, Chang uses his kit to control and manipulate samples resulting in a seamless synthesis of raw performative intensity and sophisticated sound design. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Chang was shaped by the city’s diversity and vibrancy, before moving to New York in 2007 to pursue music. Today, we are premiering his new video for the track 'Romeo'. A split-screen visual exploring nature and concrete jungles alike, Chang uses drums to control and manipulate samples, bringing human fluidity to a metronomic genre, incorporating elements of IDM, ambient, free jazz, and much more with futuristic creative abandon.

Speaking to Dummy, Alix Spence, who shot, directed and edited the video, said: "We landed on the central theme of movement for the video component of 'Romeo.' Shot on super 8 film in Mexico City, we looked at influences like Marie Menken, Hans Richter, and Jonas Mekas. We wanted the city to become abstract as the song builds, moving from discernible spaces to shapes and colors. In editing, single frames of the film were taken to create stop-motion animation and therefore abstract even the footage itself. Through this discovery, the video became not just a rumination on movement as it relates to the city, but movement as it relates to the larger concepts of film and sound. How does one propel the other, and can a narrative move beyond a story to focus instead on the qualities of the medium itself?"

Watch 'Romeo' exclusively below:


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