Video Premiere: Hyetal - Youth & Power

A fierce, up close and personal visual from the experimental pop maverick.


Coming together over three years since his critically acclaimed last album, South London musician David Corney, otherwise known as Hyetal, has completed his transformation from off-kilter dance music producer to futurist pop visionary on his new visual, 'Youth & Power'. Wrenching his music free from the confines of technology and pushing melody to the forefront, the track’s texturally rich, psychedelic palette is littered with live played synths, electric guitars, drum machines and processed noise.

The video expands on this theme by showing an abstract perspective from super detailed shots of muscles working and various lighting effects. It builds by alternating between softer dreamlike footage and quite harsh uncomfortably intimate close-ups. A somewhat claustrophobic viewing experience, but a gripping one nonetheless.

Watch 'Youth & Power' exclusively below.


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