Video Premiere: Chams - Tous Seul

French producer Chams relives a journey of self-discovery through the French Alps.

Pproducer Chams deserves your attention. The Frenchman will release his new EP, Lettre d'Amort, on September 28 and, according to him, is deeply personal. On the one hand, Chams employs bright and minimal sonics and upbeat melodies that have something of a childhood naivety to them. But these sounds also compete with darker impulses which refuse to give over to the optimism that we are initially presented with. Very much a rollercoaster for your emotions.

Chams presents this dichotomy brilliantly in his new track and visual, 'Tous Seul.' The visual retells the artist's own journey to spirituality, where he went on a solo journey through the French Alps, and it compresses his ethos greatly - that nature is something to be both admired for it’s beauty, and feared for it’s tempestuousness and inability to be tamed. 

Watch 'Tous Seul' below.


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